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Clear any Town Hall Clash of Clans
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Clear any Town Hall Clash of Clans
Clan War Strategy

[Image: 4208703.png?445]
Goal, involves an emphasis on getting three-stars on your first attack, why we have created an assignment for all members on their 1st attack. Hopefully, this should get you oriented to the rhyme and reason behind the 3 Star Storm approach to clan wars in Clash of Clans.

Reference Videos:
Town hall 11 (TH 11)
Town hall 10 (TH 10)
Town hall 9(TH 9)
Town hall 8(TH 8)

Dragon Raids
[Image: 2937774_orig.jpg]
Dragons are one of the most effective tools in getting three stars in a Clash of Clans war raid. Through experience, we have found that all-dragon raids are the most reliable path to three stars for most Town Hall 7 & 8's. First, at the entry point, even a level one dragon raid can do a shocking amount of damage. Second, more advanced players should find that a carefully planned level 3 dragon raid can three-star a Town Hall 8 with three level 3 air defenses. In short, we like dragon raids.

Dragon Raids 101 All one troop and all one spell: Is it really that simple?
All Dragons and 2 Lightening, 1 Earth Quake, 1 Rage and 1 Haste or as always 3 Lightening - leave you one less AD to deal with. Learn how to funnel your dragons to the center and place dragons on the proper side of the base - do not mass drop dragons - place them to maximize their force and damage, never split them on opposite sides of the base - Dragons work best together. We recommend Max Loons in your war CC's to optimize the all dragon attack. Luring the enemy clan castle troops is NOT necessary with all Dragon attacks - use them to help with your funnel!

There are rare occasions in which some other troops can be added; however, that is usually a good sign that the selected base would be better suited for a different raid. Mixed drags raids are a sign you are going in thinking they will lose. As a fairly hard and fast rule of thumb, don’t try such an attack without speaking with a Co-Leader or Elder.

Additionally, do not drop your heroes first. The heroes should play a clean up or funnel role, save them for when they are needed.
[Image: 1423428812.png]

As you see “simple” drag raids are really not always that simple. The best thing you can do is discuss your raid with your clanmates before you attack if you are unsure. This goes will ALL raids. We all work together to come up with the best plan for the team.

Some Basics about GOWIPE, this is the popular attack on higher level TownHall 9 & 10's. Golem, Wizards and Pekkas, are the main troops, you will also need wall breakers, preferred spells are Rage and Heal. When attacking th10's, you will need freeze spells to deal with those infernos.

There are many moving parts in a gowipe attack. A potentially good raid can flop with one simple mistake. Following these basics rules with a GOWIPE will, on average, greatly improve your chance for a 3-star attack.

The first step in a gowipe is determining the base for it! Bases with fewer (or wide open compartments) that contain many defensive structures within each compartment work best. Stay away from bases that contains many compartments for each of its defensive structures.

A good starting point of troops in a GOWIPE attack with around 220 camp space with CC included is: 1 Golem plus one in your CC, 3 PEKKA, 8-11 WallBreakers, and the rest Wizards.. Your Queen is a strong asset to this attack.

Golems: Generally golems are placed first to absorb the shots from the defenses; second, to trigger traps/bombs. Spacing golems is critical. You have to balance spacing. On the one hand, if the spacing is too wide, then the wizards in between get targeted. On the other hand, space them too narrowly, and then the golems funnel and wizards that go wide. Initially, an adequately spaced stance for golems is good; however, getting them to go to converge to center of bases is the apex of an ideal attack. Wall breakers are needed after golems to break multiple areas in some bases so that the golems don’t funnel. Since your Golem’s primary function is to block (absorb heat), it is best to release wizards shortly behind them before they are made into golemites. Do not waste your spells on a golem unless you have extra spells or you have multiple troops around them.

Wizards: are the main fire power behind the Golems and does best following them around. A line of wizards behind golem also clears outer structures that may tempt your pekka to do a roundabout. Wizards also destroys the enemy’s Clan Castle (CC). A rage stacked with a heal spell does great on wizards at initial stages for many reasons. Rage spell combo supercharges wizards to deal with CC promptly and the heal also preserves the group while their numbers are still great and while they are under the biggest battle of their role.

P.E.K.K.A.:. Work best to delay these girls a bit after some outer structures are cleared she will more likely go into a base’s core.

Heroes: Deploy King along with pekka as a main reinforcement to the core attack squad. Delay AQ deployment as long as possible to protect her from the action in the middle. You want her to be the clean up crew. She is the key to the three star victory in a gowipe attack.

Additional Troops for customized troop compostion:
Each base is unique, study your assignment and adjust army troops as needed.

Witches: Gowiwi/Gowiwipe are exceptionally powerful attacks. When witches are added to an attack a variety of things happen. The mass skeletons the witch conjures up act firstly as distraction versus the defenses allowing your other troops to get deeper in a base while avoiding the full brunt of a defenses power and secondly a significant attack force when grouped together and focused on a single target. Neither the witch nor the skeletons have much stamina or DPS do you must take care how you deploy them. They are support troops not be used as front line attackers.

Loons and hogs: When not being used as a main attack force these two troops can be added to a troop comp to accomplish a couple of different objectives. Both can be used effectively as lures for CCs. Both attack defense so choosing a defense within range of an enemy cc and sending in 3-4 hogs/loons will almost always pull the entire cc out allowing you the opportunity to kill them. You can also use them to take care of outlying air defenses prior to a all out air attack. Finally both make great cleanup crews . In the final stages of a ground attack release your hogs or loons on any defenses that may give your ground attack force trouble as they make their way towards the end of an attack.

Approved War Troops and Attack Type:

Giants Wizards and Hogs Combo. Works well on th8s and lower bases. The idea is to spawn a wall of giants as meat shields and to trigger traps then Wall breakers and a wall of wizards behind giants. Finally when all def is on giants, spawn some hogs to help giants finish clean up defense.
All Dragon attack with 3 lightening spells. If you have mastered the use of dragons with rage, you may sub one rage for a heal though we suggest use all rage to be safe. Also in th8s, its effective to use lightening spells to take out the hardest to get Air def. Note, if you are using all dragon attack, the dragons will be pulled towards cc and destroy/deal with cc for you. Pretty easy raid if you can clear some outside structures so dragons don’t split up and do a roundabout, learn how to funnel your dragons. This combo with level 2-3 dragons will 3 star just about any TH7 and TH8 base.
Dragon balloon combo or “droon“. This combo is a mix of dragons and Balloons. Same spells as dragon raids and can be highly effective against some bases where you want to take out Air def quickly. Make sure your dragons are in front of loons and that CC is attacking dragons before releasing loons. The need for perfect timing and placement.
Hog with heal spells attack. This a attack consists mostly of hogs. Additional troops with this combo would be wizards, a couple dragons or archers to kill the CC troops. Adding a couple giants to distract def while a couple hogs trigger CC is a nice addition to the lure process. Note: If using hogs, you MUST kill ALL cc troops before releasing hogs. Since a recent major update, hogs have been severely handicapped and only lvl5 hogs seems to now be effective against doubled up giant bombs.
BABYWIPE. This is just a lower level smaller TH8 version of a GOWIPE. See below.
GOWIPE. Golem, Wizards, PEKKAS with some wall breakers. At TH9 with 220 camp space and max troops, you can just about 3 star most TH9s and any TH8 and below with GOWIPE. A good starting point I use on troops for this attack is: 1 Golem plus one in your CC, 3 PEKKA, 8-11 WallBreakers, and the rest Wizards.
GO-------. Golem, Witches, Wizards, Hogs, Pekkas, Loons. And any specialized army comp using a base specific troops composition.


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