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Experts guide the maintenance of ultrafine mill powder equipment
08-23-2018, 03:54 PM
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Experts guide the maintenance of ultrafine mill powder equipment
Since many industries now require fine powder or even ultrafine powder as raw materials for production, many different types of ultrafine mill powder equipment have emerged. These equipments have made very fine powder or ultrafine powder production. Great contribution, but the uncertain factors in the production process have caused the failure of these equipments during use, which affects the milling production process and even affects the service life of the equipment, which brings great impact to the milling production. Obstacles, now solve this problem is generally in the daily use of the equipment to maintain and maintain the frequency of failure as much as possible, but the maintenance methods of different manufacturers are not the same, making it difficult for customers to choose who to listen to Then, we invite experts to guide the maintenance of ultra-fine mill powder equipment.
Staff: Hello, I heard that you have been working in the production industry of milling equipment for many years. Is it necessary to study the maintenance of ultra-fine grinding machines?
Expert: Hello, the research can't be talked about, but because of the long working hours, it can be easily solved for some common problems.
Staff: You are very modest. We mainly ask you about the problems that need to be paid attention to in the maintenance of ultra-fine mill powder equipment. I hope you can give some valuable advice.
Expert: The maintenance work of the ultra-fine grinding machine is not difficult to say, just do the following work:
Point: Before starting the equipment, pay attention to the fact that there is no material in the grinding chamber to ensure the no-load start of the equipment, to prevent the equipment from starting up completely, which will cause great damage to the equipment. The long time will affect the service life of the equipment;
The second point is that the equipment must be regularly inspected, mainly to check the wear of the wear parts of the equipment, whether it needs to be replaced, and then need to regularly add lubricant to the equipment;
In addition to the above two accidents, it is necessary to pay attention to stop the feeding operation before stopping. After the ultra-fine grinding machine is shut down, the unfinished materials should be removed from the equipment. Doing this job is almost done, then you should follow the manufacturer's advice.
Staff: Thank you for your guidance. With these valuable comments, the ultra-fine mill powder equipment will last longer and work better and make a greater contribution to the milling line.

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