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? Mr. Blue Sky ? *NON-COMPETITIVE*
11-07-2018, 10:17 AM
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? Mr. Blue Sky ? *NON-COMPETITIVE*
[Image: php]8VJLQV?lng=en&color=blue&size=large]

Mr. Blue Sky [E.L.O]
We are very much a green clan. Created on 04, November 2018 at 2130 GMT, we are a 'chill' clan. We don't stress about trophy pushing or how well designed your base is. Our motto is it's just a game.
This may push peoples buttons, however, we do have standards, and we expect you to play the game properly.
We war twice a week, all-though optional, we expect you to fully commit. And we try our best at the clan games. We are currently UK based (GMT) but we hope to have an EST community to promote activity.

What we expect of our members:
♪ A love for music.<br>
♪ A certain level of maturity that mean children of all ages (let's face it we all like to have the odd laugh).<br>
♪ We do not expect perfect war strategies.<br>
♪ Nor do we expect max participation for clan games. (if you don't have time you don't have time).<br>
♪ We do expect minimal participation (think of the bonus reward).<br>
♪ A greedy mindset. We want you to always request for troops.<br>♪ That you provide a supportive, low-stress environment.

How do I join?
♪ You can either PM me for more information.
♪ Or simply send a request to join our clan.
♪ Just type in Mr. Blue Sky as it's very easy to find (don't forget the punctuation).
♪ And bobs your uncle. Nottohardbutto easy.

Who can Join?
♪ We accept anyone who is not rushed. <br>
♪ And that's it.
♪ I don't need to say you must understand English cause you obviously do if you are still reading.</em><br>

Clan Rules:
Believe it or not, we do have rules:
♪ No drama !!!
♪ If committed to war must fully commit. Failure will result in perm ban from wars, (unless good enough reason.
♪ Request for troops as much as possible but be reasonable with the request. Avoid troops that take a long time to train.
♪ Respect request. Don't donate if your troops are of low level. (nothing worse than that)
♪ Don't leave, if you leave we'll all be very sad.

Main Goal:
Achieve Clan LVL 5 by Christmas (25 December this year preferably)
The goal of the Week:
Promote a second Co-leader to help manage the clan.
Score a hat-trick war

ENJOY!!!! AND SEE YOU THERE !!!! I hope you join cause I spent a lot of time on this thread.

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