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New Daily Star Bonus Format
10-10-2017, 06:32 AM
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New Daily Star Bonus Format
I propose a new system for the Daily Star Bonus. This new system will result in more gameplay time from users, more enjoyment from users, and more gems spent by users. I beleive this new system can benefit both players AND SuperCell. My idea is such:

Instead of offering a Daily Star Bonus for receiving 5 stars, why not give incentives beyond 5 stars? I have many friends who get on daily just to check on their builders and to get their 5 stars. What if this Bonus was instead 10 stars, or 15 stars, would players then play more? Well, let me one-up this idea also.

I propose SuperCell offers different tiers to their daily bonus. Why limit the bonus to 5 stars? I sit around 1650 trophies. My daily bonus for receiving 5 stars is 140,000 gold and elixir and then 400 dark elixir. I think I should also receive a larger bonus for reaching 10 stars or 15 stars. For example:

0 stars = 0 gold and elixir, 0 dark elixir, 0 gems
5 stars = 140,000 gold and elixir, 400 dark elixir, 0 gems
10 stars = 180,000 gold and elixir, 500 dark elixir, 1 gem
15 stars = 220,000 gold and elixir, 600 dark elixir, 1 gem
20 stars = 260,000 gold and elixir, 700 dark elixir, 2 gems
25 stars = 300,000 gold and elixir, 800 dark elixir, 2 gems
30 stars = 340,000 gold and elixir, 900 dark elixir, 3 gems
35 stars = 380,000 gold and elixir, 1000 dark elixir, 3 gems
40 stars = 420,000 gold and elixir, 1100 dark elixir, 4 gems

This new format would give players more incentive to play for longer when they are online. In addition, it would give players more incentive to play throughout the day. It would give players incentive to play beyond just the first 5 stars that they would receive. It would also push players towards spending more gems because 1) players will want to spend gems to boost their barracks, and 2) players will want to spend gems to free up builders once their storages are full - which they will get full quicker. Lastly, this new format will also reward those players that play the game most often.

I would love to hear back from a SuperCell member on what they think of this idea. My email can be found on my account.

Thank you for your consideration of my new idea.

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