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Pay attention to the factors affecting the production granularity when using Raymond
08-28-2018, 04:10 PM
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Pay attention to the factors affecting the production granularity when using Raymond
Raymond Mill is a kind of milling machine, which is used in the processing of fine powder. Proper use of Raymond mills can increase productivity, and incorrect methods of operation can cause damage to equipment. For the mill, how to reduce the wear of the machine and improve the service life of the mill is a very important issue. Take the Raymond mill, when using raymond mill equipment, in addition to ensuring the operation method of its equipment, we must pay attention to its production granularity. The following is a brief introduction to the major factors affecting the production granularity:
1. The rotation speed of the main engine. When the rotation speed of the Raymond mill is too high or too low, the fine powder will enter the discharge port earlier and affect the fineness of the powder material. The rotational speed of the Raymond mill can be adjusted by adjusting the engine current.
2. The speed of the blower. For materials with light weight, if the blowing speed is too high, particles that do not meet the requirements will also be blown into the dust collector. In contrast, for large particles, if the wind speed is too small, it will affect the discharge of the material, and the wind speed affected by the rotational speed of the blower is considered to be one of the important factors.
3. The extent of the grinding roller and the grinding ring. When the raymond mill is working, the grinding roller and the grinding ring will not contact each other. The wear of the mill, the wear of the roller and the ring will also increase. If the material is not fully ground, the fineness of the material will be affected. And the amount of coarse particles will also increase.
4. Analyze the turbine blades of the machine. The analyzer is equipped with a large number of turbine blades, which are distributed inside the sun shape, and these blades will be used for a period of time, which will directly affect the efficiency of the analyzer after the powder separation. The coarse powder enters the powder collector through the analyzer, which is an important reason for the too much coarse powder content in the finished product.

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