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Full Version: EcoBots Trophy/War clan Friendly Community
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Eco Bots|Trophy/War clan|Friendly Community
Trophy/War Clan

We are ECO BOTS, a fun and active Trophy/War clan. Our intention is to work towards winning the clash of clans tournament. We are currently level 7, which means you get a 1-level upgrade when receiving donated troops! We’re looking for active clashes who can help us reach the highest levels. We war always, but you can opt out if you need to take a break or farm. WE TROPHY PUSH at regular times.

Why join ECO BOTS?
· Benefits of a Level 7 clan
· Members will help you learn effective attacks and defenses.
· High-levels of donations.
· All villages get high-level troops for clan wars.
· All ages accepted, but the clan is mature.
· We usually reach second or max tier in clan games.
· Many “friendly challenges.”
· We help you TROPHY PUSH!

Here are the rules:
· We’re looking for members with established bases that match their Town Hall levels (Town hall 5-10 accepted).
· 1000 Trophies required.
· No rushed villages.
· If you are in a war, you must attack two below your mirror unless you are in the top 3. In order to war you must become an elder. This a rule so that we can prevent non active members from not attacking in war. No cursing. WE’RE FRIENDLY.
· We are an international clan, but must speak English.
· No clan hoppers. We don’t accept those with current War Timers.
· Don’t request troops when you first arrive.
· Donate first and be active. LEARN AND GROW.
· Elder at 300 troop donations. Co-Leader is earned by trust and being active on Discord.

Discord/Clan Website:
This clan does use discord. Although it is not required it is highly recommend to have strong communication with the clan. If you would like more information about this clan please go to our clan website:

How to Apply:
· Email or… look up or clan in game….
· While in the Clash of Clans game, search for our clan tag: #CJUL88LC
· Request an invite to the clan and MENTION YOU FOUND US ON THE “I Need a Clan Forum.”
· We’ll quickly check things out and bring you in to the clan if you meet the above requirements. YOU’LL SOON BE CLASHING WITH US!

Clashers come grow with us! Hope to see you soon!

Made by Zhewei
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